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Automated Drone Operations & Fleet Management

Plan, execute and monitor drone operations from anywhere in the world.

Autrik vs Competition

Autrik is an innovative drone automation and fleet management solution providing the basis for a scalable, compliant and economical deployment of drones anywhere in the world.

Complete satisfaction


Autrik is run by engineers with domain knowledge ranging from drones, robotics, avionics, cloud and customer service. We value our customers success above all.

    Partial satisfaction


    Traditionally different apps are used for different parts of drone operation, even requiring paper based logging and permissions.


      Autrik products meet all your operational needs.


      • Plan your operations
      • Monitor fleet in real time from anywhere
      • Analyse flight health for compliance and predictive maintenance
      • Visualise raw images, videos or 3D Model


      • Connects drone with cloud
      • On the air updates
      • Backup C2 Link
      • Low latency Video streaming


      • Connect drone to the cloud without changes
      • RemoteId scanner for nearby air traffic
      • One unit can control multiple drones at a time